What Is FMS?

A "Drill Free" Solution to flat-panel TV Mounting

FMS is an easy to install pillar kit that gives you the benefits of mounting your TV (added safety and enhanced viewing) while organizing small components and cords.

FMS Diagram

Flat-panel mount + Compatible Furniture

FMS Hero image
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Why FMS?

Enjoy the benefits of a TV wall mount without having to drill into the wall.

Why FMS? Tilt and swivel

Tilt and swivel your TV for the optimal viewing angle

Why FMS? Prevent tipping

Prevent falling or tipping by securely mounting your TV to pillar kit

Why FMS? Organization

Neatly connect smaller components and accessories behind pillar providing a clean and organized appearance

Why FMS? Added versatility

Remove mount from pillar and attach to wall for added versatility

What is FMS Compatible?

A wide assortment of home theater accessories and components can easily attach to the back of the FMS pillar kit. These include but are not limited to: wireless routers, surge protectors, wireless HD adapters, media streaming devices, HDMI Splitters, wireless speaker kits, a wide variety of furniture pieces and more!

Before & After


Components and cords hang into view creating an eye sore.

Before FMS


Small components, cables and cords are easily organized.

After FMS