WSSA2-B Pair
WSSA2-B1 16" Height Adjustment
WSSA2-B1 Four Ways
WSSA2-B1 Conceal Cables
WSSA2-B1 Secures Speaker
WSSA2-B1 Designed to Fit
WSSA2-B1 For All Floors
WSSA2-B1 3 Step
WSSA2-B1 Ambient Listening Two Speakers
WSSA2-B1 Surround Sound
WSSA2-W Pair
WSSA2-W1 16" Height Adjustment
WSSA2-W1 Four Ways
WSSA2-W1 Conceal Cables
WSSA2-W1 Secures Speaker
WSSA2-W1 Designed to Fit
WSSA2-W1 3 Step
WSSA2-W1 Ambient Listening Two Speakers
WSSA2-W1 Surround Sound

Adjustable Height Wireless Speaker Stands designed for SONOS ONE, Sonos One SL, Play:1, and Play:3 - Pair


  • Adjustable Height 30" to 42"

Color: Black