Picture this: luxuriating in a steamy, bubbly bathtub with a glass of wine while watching your favorite TV show. Sounds pretty amazing right? These days, we all have such busy schedules that sometimes scheduling time for relaxation proves difficult. So why not install a bathroom TV and kill two birds with one stone? That way you’ll never miss a minute of your favorite program. You can even catch up on the news while readying yourself for the day and as you prepare for bed.

Ahhhhh. A bathroom TV isn’t such a bad idea after all! However, making this addition does require some special considerations:

You’ll Want a Waterproof TV

bathroom TV

Standard TVs are not designed to withstand moisture. Humidity can be an issue in the kitchen, but it is a serious concern in bathrooms, where steam is a regular part of your routine. Choose a waterproof TV, and you’ll have no worries. Some even come with anti-fogging screens. For technophiles, there is also a TV screen embedded right in the bathroom mirror. It appears for watching, then disappears from view when you merely want to use the mirror.

Since you’re usually limited on space in the bathroom when it comes to open wall space, you’ll want to buy a Smart TV so you can easily stream and view your show of choice without the hassle of hooking up a cable or dish box. Plus, it provides a streamlined look.

Where Should You Put It?

What and when you want to watch will determine the best location for your bathroom TV. You may want visibility from the tub, shower, sink, or separate vanity – or all of the above. A petite flat-screen might fit almost anywhere, but you’ll still have to consider the size and configuration of your space as well as viewing angles.

Wall-mounting is a major space-saver, it's good for safety, and it improves your TV’s visibility as well. If you plan to watch from just one position – say, the tub – the SANUS MST16ba tilting wall mount is a good choice. The MSF07c full-motion wall mount lets you pull the TV away from the wall, then swivel and/or tilt the screen for best viewing from anywhere in the bathroom.
You can mount your TV in the corner, too.

The Aesthetics of Your Bathroom

You might prefer to have your TV blend into your bathroom décor – or disappear altogether when not in use. You could hide it inside a bathroom cabinet with doors, or cover a wall-mounted TV with hinged artwork that swings away for viewing. You can also “hide” your TV in plain sight by incorporating it into a wall display or giving it a “built-in” looking frame that coordinates the rest of the room.

Need some additional inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Board to get the ideas flowing for style and TV placement.