All rooms have certain things in common – walls, windows, doors, furniture. But the exact size and configuration of your living room or TV room is unique. So finding the best TV mounts for your space requires thinking about your specific situation and your viewing preferences.

It helps to know that SANUS has your back here. We offer multiple types of mounting options for TVs, not to mention other electronic components and related accessories. But your TV is the focal point, so you want to start there. Let’s look at the various features and benefits that are available, so you can compare them to find the best TV mounts for your space.

Why Choose Wall-Mounting?

Today’s televisions and multi-media screens are infinitely lighter and less bulky than TVs of old. Mounting your TV on the wall is not only easy, it offers several distinct benefits. Elevating the screen:

  • Improves visibility for people who are seated to watch a program or a movie or play a game.
  • Improves visibility if your TV is located in an open living area, where you might want to watch while standing or working in another part of the space. (Think glancing at the news while fixing dinner.)
  • Frees up surface space, giving your room a more sophisticated, uncluttered look.
  • Protects family members and pets from potential TV tip-overs. Unfortunately, this hazard is more common due to the lighter yet more unstable design of new TVs.
  • Allows you to incorporate your TV into a living room wall arrangement.

If you plan to mount your TV above your fireplace, watch this video first to help you decide on the best TV mounts for your room.

Full-Motion TV Mounts

This type of mount assures top-quality viewing from any seat in the room. The TV slides out, then you can tilt and/or swivel it into the position you want. When you’re finished watching, the TV returns easily to its flat position. These are the best TV mounts if:

  • You have multiple viewing locations in your room
  • You want to choose corner mounting to save space
  • You need flexible viewing angles due to room shape, furniture arrangement, traffic patterns or window placement


Tilting TV Mounts

All it takes is the SANUS “fingertip touch” to tilt your TV for optimal viewing, whether you’re sitting on the floor playing games, exercising to a video or seated on the sofa. You can mount your TV at any height without sacrificing viewing quality. These TV mounts are ideal when:


Fixed-position TV Mounts

Low-profile and super-slim mounting options offer simple, space-saving solutions. They are the best choice if:

  • Your room requires only a single, optimal viewing height
  • The viewing area is directly in front of the TV
  • You want your TV to be positioned nearly flush with the wall

Leaning toward a particular type of TV mount? SANUS offers a variety of options. Check them out here.