Design on a dime doesn’t mean that you have to forgo quality and style! If you are looking for a quick and inexpensive way to update your space, here is a great project for you.

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Consider Mounting Your TV

The first thing that you should consider is mounting your TV on the wall. A mounted TV is not only safer, but it also adds a lot of versatility to the viewing experience. Depending on the style mount you select, you will now have the functionality to tilt and swivel to get the best viewing angle for everyone in the room.

To mount your TV, you will need to find the right mount that fits with your TV. Visit and click on the MountFinder tool, put your TV model number, and we will show you all of the compatible mounts that fit your TV.

Once you find the mount that is right for you, installation is as easy as snapping your fingers. (Don’t believe us? Watch this video on how to mount your TV in three steps.)

Update the Space with Small Additions

Even when the TV is up and on the wall, it is still a hulking black box that immediately draws attention. Luckily, with your TV off of the media cabinet, it frees up a lot of additional space that you can now use to decorate and distract from the television. It’s actually the perfect opportunity to add a lot of your personality to the space. Here are a few of our favorite design tips that with $100 and an hour of your time, can have a serious impact on your space!

  • Hang up art around the TV and make it into a gallery wall. Personal photos, interesting artwork, and other hangable knick knacks make the area feel cozy and inviting. Even just the small task of rearranging the art and frames you already have in the house gives your space a new look.
  • Hang a plant...or two. This small and super easy switch will add a design element up higher and incorporate nature into the space. It adds an element of movement to your design and can really freshen up the space.
  • Style the shelving or media cabinet. While taking “#shelfies” may be all the rage, they actually offer a lot of great design inspiration, including how to display your books (because there is a right and a wrong way to do that!). Use the newly freed up space to incorporate your favorite knick knacks, vases of flowers, or your favorite coffee table books. Play around with the layout to find the style that works best for you and the room.

These tips are just a few of the ways you can ease the transition from the TV to the rest of the room. And better yet, this update can easily be done in an afternoon!