Netflix gives you just 15 short seconds to decide whether or not you're going to get off of the couch and do something with your life in a given day. And it is surprising just how quickly that 15 seconds flies by. Thus the birth of binge watching television. You can be pulled into an entire season of shows in a blink of an eye. We know we are not the only ones to watch Stranger Things in one sitting... but let’s face it, there is no “season” when it comes to binge TV watching. So grab the popcorn and piles of blankets, throw on some sweats – here's how to prepare for an epic TV marathon. After all, the point is to sit through all the seasons at once, right?

What’s the Big Deal About Binging?

Really great TV shows are magnetic. They draw you in, and you organize your life to never miss an episode. But what if you come late to the show and want to catch up? What if the show is gone now, and you never got to see it? Binge TV watching lets you go back in time, to start at the beginning and see the series through to the end.

It’s definitely a marathon. So you’ll want to prepare with the focus of a seasoned athlete.

How Much Time Will You Need to Devote to This Binge Session?

That depends on which TV series you choose. You can go to and type in the show’s name, or check out this Nielson infographic that lists total hours for 25 of the hottest binging faves. (Hint: Sherlock will take 14 hours, but 24 will take a total of 6 days, 2 hours. For that, you may want to serialize your binging.)

Get Comfortable

The longer you watch, the more comfortable you’ll need to be, so forget theater seats. Plan to stretch out on your comfy sofa for this long haul, preferably with a pillow or two and cozy blanket. Or maybe an outdoorsy atmosphere would enhance your binge. Did you catch our blog on creating a movie theater on your all-weather porch?

And speaking of comfortable, let’s talk about your TV. Height, angle, and distance all impact your viewing experience. What fun is binging if you wind up with cramped muscles and eye strain? Not to worry, though, because wall-mounting your TV gives you the best seat in the house. And it’s easy, with our multiple SANUS options that put your TV in perfect position and let you hide the cables.

Stock Up on Binge-Worthy Eats

You’ll need supplies, lots of them. The last thing you want to do is interrupt the flow of the plot to tend to kitchen duty. A cooler or dorm-size fridge will keep beverages cold, if necessary. For snacks, consider a tasty variety of goodies from chips and popcorn to dips and veggies. Get a take-and-bake pizza to pop into the oven when you need to take a short break.

So What Should You Watch?

You might have something specific in mind, or you could be looking for a new viewing adventure. Binge experts suggest you look for a TV series with a plot that builds from one episode to another. And characters you can relate to, or who engage you emotionally so you care what happens to them as the story unfolds.

With all that, you’ll have the ideal setup for a binge TV watching marathon. Let the viewing begin.