As you prepare for a new baby, you’re likely thinking about your baby registry checklist. Which items should be added? How can you be sure you have all the baby proofing must-haves needed for your growing family? 

Of course there are the fun things to pick out, like stuffed animals, adorable clothes and wooden toys. But, there are also extremely important baby proofing essentials you need to consider for your registry too. Lauren (a mother of two and baby registry veteran) explains what you need to consider for safety.

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Mounting Is Number One

Sadly, every three weeks a child dies because of an accidental TV tip over. To avoid an accident, the safest thing you can do is mount your television to the wall. This gets it up off the furniture and away from little hands that like to grab and pull things down. Many people are adding TV mounts to their lists of baby proofing essentials, and adding a mount to your baby registry gives you a head start on baby proofing your home.

Another Option

Some apartments don’t allow for mounting, so keep that in mind and know you may have to go with another option. If you can’t mount your TV, SANUS also has anti-tip TV straps that are simple and easy to install. They not only secure your television, but also secure the furniture you have it on. Simply attach the anti-tip strap to the back of the TV, to the furniture and also the wall so that everything is held firmly in place.

Secure Your Cords

When baby proofing, not only think about your television, but consider the cords as well. With a mounted TV, it’s important to think about managing the cables coming from your television. You can either manage them on the wall or use a cable concealment product inside your wall.

If your TV is secured on a piece of furniture instead of being mounted, you can tidy up cords behind your furniture.  Either of these prevents kids from pulling on the cables or trying to put them in their mouths.

Stay a step ahead and add these baby proofing essentials to your baby registry checklist. Majority of these items can be found at Target, Amazon, and Walmart – or try a universal registry for purchasing products from multiple stores like Keep your home safe and enjoy your time as a new parent without worrying about television-related incidents.