Moving your TV off (or out of) your furniture by mounting it on the wall is a great way to start upgrading your living space – both aesthetically and functionally. But . . . now what? Hardly anyone wants a TV to be the focal point of their room – unless we’re talking about a media room, home theater or a man cave.

No wonder people are so hungry for ideas about decorating around their TV to eliminate that “floating black rectangle” effect. But we know you want ideas that will make your space different. Uniquely you. So we’ve pulled together ideas that put an updated twist on the popular gallery wall concept, to help you create your own special TV accent wall.

“Texturize” the Wall to Make Your TV Recede Visually

One way to add texture to the wall behind your TV is by pairing it with other 3-dimensional items rather than flat artwork – think about wall sculptures, baskets, small hanging planters, etc.

TV Accent Wall

Another way is to decorate the wall with vinyl decals. You can find anything from polka dots to vintage an endless amount of colors. They aren’t really 3D, but they tend to be shiny, so they provide textural as well as color contrast. You can typically find decals on home decor retail sites like Wayfair or you can customize your own on Etsy. Decals are easy to remove without a trace. That makes them ideal for renters, or for anyone who simply loves to change things up frequently.

Don’t quite like the idea of decals? Maybe for a kid's room or the man cave, but not in the living room? Stencils offer even more imaginative options, so why not stencil the wall behind your TV? You can create an all-over wallpaper or textured effect, or a fun frame for the TV – literally a pattern that surrounds the TV like a traditional frame, or something a little more subtle that draws the eye around the TV and then away.

Frame Your TV with Shelves

Put floating shelves under and/or to the side(s) of your TV. A symmetrical arrangement will “center” the TV, whereas asymmetry will draw attention away from the TV. Arrange shelves so they are different widths and/or heights on each side of the TV.


You can go "all-in" and surround your TV with built-ins, or bookcases that simulate the same effect. There are tons of inexpensive and creative IKEA hacks that allow you to create your own built-in look. You can add shiplap to give the entire wall texture (remember, you can still mount your TV and shelving on shiplap).

Once you've decided on a design, fill those shelves with an assortment of interesting objects and mementos. A combination of books, artwork, and knick knacks allows you to personalize your shelving by incorporating textures, pops of color, and your own personal style. Make it the perfect #Shelfie photo op!

Go Dark

Here's a simple trick: painting your wall any dark color will make your TV blend in a bit. Dark accent walls are hot right now. Including moody colors like Benjamin Moore's Shadow or Sherwin William's Anchors Aweigh Blue, is the perfect way to camouflage your TV where no one will notice it – except when you turn it on.

dark TV accent wall


Use the Mantel to “Settle” Your TV

If you’re mounting the TV above your fireplace, place a low arrangement on the mantel. This will give the wall a finished appearance and keep your TV from appearing to float. If the fireplace doesn't have a mantel, you can create the same effect by adding a shelf.

Ideas that Go Beyond a Gallery Wall