Should you consider mounting your TV on the wall? Yes! There are several good reasons to do so, both aesthetically and functionally. So when is a wall TV mount right for your home?

When You Have Kids or Pets

Or you’re a tad clumsy yourself. Today’s LED TVs are far lighter than TVs of old, but they’re also far easier to tip over — or for inquisitive children to pull over. The new feet and stands on these TVs don't provide the most stable base for your TV to stand on AND don't allow your TV to swivel. If you do try to swivel your TV on those stands, they might fall right off the furniture! That’s a safety problem for your entire household. On the wall, your TV and its cord are out of reach.

When Space Matters

You have to put your TV somewhere. You’ll have to sacrifice a piece of furniture with an otherwise useful surface – a dresser, bookcase, end table, etc. Or you’ll have to invest in an entertainment center that’s bulky, not very versatile, and not likely to fit your room all that well. On the other hand, you can place a TV mount exactly where you want it, including in a corner.

Have you ever examined the back side of your TV? It is made to hang on your wall, with the holes for the mounting attachment already in place, whether it’s a smaller size or a big screen.

When You Want a Décor Upgrade

Wall-mounting your TV gives the entire room a sleeker, more modern (dare we say sophisticated?) look. You can make your TV the focal point, or blend it in with other wall art. No worries about unsightly dangling cords, either. Cover them with the SANUS SA304 cable tunnel, or read our step-by-step guide to easily run the cables behind the wall.

While you’re at it, you can wall-mount related components, too. Floating shelves are convenient, safer, and save even more surface space.

When You Want a Really Great Viewing Experience

No matter what type or size TV you own, watching at the wrong angle distorts high-definition image quality. Plus, it’s uncomfortable. If the TV sits too high or too low, that’s uncomfortable, too. You’re supposed to relax and enjoy watching your favorite shows or movies, playing games, etc. With a TV mount, you’re not at the mercy of your furniture when it comes to viewing positions.

Also, in many rooms, glare from windows or interior lighting can play havoc with TV viewing. SANUS TV mounts address all these challenges, with fixed, tilting, or full-motion options. And our handy HeightFinder makes perfect placement a breeze. No more twisting yourself into a pretzel to get a decent view of the screen. A fully adjustable mount lets you pull the TV out from the wall, too, so it’s easy to hook up new devices.

When You Have a Little Time on Your Hands

Just kidding. Our point is that installing your TV mount is a pretty easy and quick DIY project. SANUS kits come complete with hardware, so all you’ll need is a couple of common tools. So why wait?