Every techie loves cool, new gadgets. And who wouldn’t want to get their fingers on the best TV remote control ever? You could gift one for Father’s Day, to congratulate a grad, or simply to celebrate a birthday. But let’s be honest here – don’t you really want one for your own high-tech lifestyle? 

With some smart shopping, you can not only score the best TV remote control, you can banish that crowd of remotes you can never find when you need them. So what’s “best” for you? That depends on your budget and how sophisticated or nerdilicious you’re feeling.

Of course, if you’re going for the best TV remote control, you’ll also want to be sure you’re using the best TV mount for each of your viewing rooms. And if you don’t already have streaming TV, now’s the time to check out your options.

Universal Remotes Are Still Hot 

The URC WR7 is low-priced, combines seven remotes and incorporates macros so you can accomplish multiple commands with a single touch.

Logitech’s Harmony does the work of as many as 15 remotes, works with 5,000+ brands and almost a quarter-million devices. Plus, its sleek profile, ergonomic design, and backlit buttons scream “state-of-the-art.” 

Better yet (and 10x the price), you can use your smartphone to operate the Logitech Harmony Smart Control device. The remote itself also has a touchscreen, and it allows you to operate your components even if they’re in a concealed cabinet.

Speak Up Instead

Feeling like clicking is just so old school, no matter how cool the remote? Thanks to Alexa, you now have someone to do the work for you.

Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Echo and Echo Dot communicates via Bluetooth and comes with an integrated mic, so voice control works even when Echo can’t hear you. So if your Echo is in the kitchen, but your TV is in a different room, you are still able to utilize the functionality of the Alexa voice remote. Alas, Amazon Echo/Echo Dot cannot multi-task, so they can handle only one remote at a time.

But the Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote certainly can. This popular, budget-friendly streaming media stick connects you with more than 15,000 apps, games, etc. It also shows universal search results, gathered from more than channels and apps.

Or Wave Your Magic Wand

Wielding the Harry Potter Remote Wand, you can be Lord and Master of your TV and any other IR device, using a series of gestures. It’s like magic. It even lights up. So accio some drinks and snacks and with a flick of your wrist watch your favorite wizarding movie or, you know, just regular TV! 

Man’s Best Friend

Here’s a potentially frightening fact: Researchers claim “the average dog now watches more than nine hours of TV a week.” So, naturally, scientists in Britain have developed a paw-friendly TV remote that lays on the floor where your pooch can easily access it. Based on animal-computer-interaction design, it emits squeaky sounds and even has a “paws” button. Be afraid...be very afraid.

Who knew you might have to wrestle your dog to determine who has the best TV remote control?