So you've found your wall studs, now you're ready to drill. Holding a power tool can be a very intimidating thing. Especially when drilling holes to safely support a giant 65 inch television on your wall. You want to make sure this step is done right the first time. Drilling into your wall is something you don’t want to do twice, let alone three times. If you’ve never used a drill or are a little rusty, have no fear, Jake from SANUS is here to show you how to correctly use a drill.

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First Things First

No matter how big the project, you never want to have a dead battery. It’s important to always make sure you have one fully charged battery at all times. It’s not fun (and a little embarrassing) getting ready for a project only to find out your battery is dead, and your drill is unusable.

Insert Your Drill Bit

This is an important step because your drill bit is what will be going into the wall to make the holes. Be sure the correct end of the drill bit is inserted into the drill. That is the flat end, which should make sense when you’re looking at it. Remember to twist in the drill bit to the right (righty-tighty, lefty-loosy) until you hear a  “click.” You’re drill bit is now secure, and ready to use.

Time To Drill

To ensure that you have complete strength on the drill, hold it by the handle with your dominate hand. Use your other hand for support so that there is 100 percent control in your drilling. Use the template provided by SANUS that shows a replica of the wall mount and exactly where you should drill your holes. This template is like a cheat sheet so when you are ready to drill in the mount, your holes are in the exact spots they need to be and will support a level TV.

You Did It!

Congratulations, you safely know how to use a drill and are now ready to install your wall mount, and more importantly your television! Now call up your friends and impress them with your crafty skills.