Your bedroom is your oasis. It’s your own private space to relax in or to potentially escape your kids and significant other to catch up on your favorite TV shows with a big tub of popcorn. But all too often, the TV in your bedroom is an afterthought. You moved it into the master suite when you upgraded the TV in your living or great room and haphazardly set it on whatever piece of furniture gave you the best view.

But why create an experience like that when it is so easy to have a better one? In the video below, Lauren from SANUS will show you all of the reasons you might want to mount your TV in the master bedroom.

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The TV Doesn't Have to Be the Focal Point 

When you mount your TV, you are no longer limited by a piece of furniture, in fact you can complete remove the furniture and free up more space. Or you can use that area where the TV sat to create a space you love – add a beautiful mirror or some pieces of artwork. Display decorative items that enhance the style of your bedroom on your dresser instead of having to use it for the TV.

Any wall can house your TV on it, which means you don’t necessarily need to put your TV on the wall directly across from the bed. You can mount your TV to an adjacent wall with a full-motion mount tucking it up and out of the way. Then, when you are ready to watch TV, simply pull it out to swivel and tilt it to the right viewing angle for an immersive experience while lounging in bed – no neck straining required.

Make Your TV Feel Like It’s Bigger

The versatility of a full-motion mount goes beyond the expanded viewing angles. By having the flexibility to pull your TV closer to the bed, you create the illusion that your screen is actually bigger than it is. When your TV isn’t in use, you can simply push it back so it’s flush against the wall – completely out of the way.