When mounting your TV, a drilling template can really simplify the process and help guarantee that you are drilling holes in the right spot on the wall. It makes the whole experience of mounting your television much easier. The drilling template even includes tips and information you need to successfully mount your TV at the right height and in the most efficient way.

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Get It Right The First Time

First off, you’ve already found your studs using a stud finder and marked off with a pencil where you will drill. Then by placing the template on the wall, you will know that the holes you drill will align with the openings in the wall bracket. This saves time and avoids the issue of drilling too many holes because you know exactly where you need to drill. This will make everything look tidy and neat. Additionally, the template gives your arms a break as you aren’t required to hold the metal wall bracket up to the wall as you figure out where you need to drill.

Balance The Template

Next, you don’t want to have an unbalanced television, right? Simply take a level and hold it at the top of the template. Tape the template down so that it doesn't shift and you can be absolutely sure it will be level. If it is done correctly, the holes in the template should be lined up with the pencil marks from the stud finder on an even plane. Not seeing the pencil marks? Go back and make sure your pencil marks are on the studs and they are level with each other. Since we know you are a rockstar, we’ll trust that everything is lined up, balanced and you’re ready to move on…

Information On The Wall Plate Templates

The information all over these SANUS drilling templates will help you in the process of mounting your television. Why? Because we talked to customers who have been through the process and they told us, “drilling is the most intimidating part.” So we took steps to walk you through the process and do it the right way the first time. There is a link to a video that takes you step-by-step through the entire installation process. There is also a number for SANUS’ U.S.-based installation experts, who are there to help seven days a week. Another cool feature is a link to the HeightFinder tool to help you ensure that your TV is mounted at the ideal viewing height. This template is like a cheat sheet for you when mounting your television.

The SANUS drilling template saves you time, energy and holes in your wall by giving you a simple set-up before you lift and mount the real thing. Use it to your advantage to make mounting your TV as simple as 1-2-3. Now you’re ready to drill holes in your wall!