You have your beautifully mounted TV on the wall, and now all you can think about is what to do with your components – the cable or satellite box, the Blu-ray player, etc. After all, the TV is far from being a stand-alone device these days.

To continue the clean look that you have already achieved with your mounted TV, we recommend mounting your devices on an on-wall component shelf directly below the TV. One of the benefits of this on-wall shelf is that it can be installed into any type of wall material like wood studs, concrete, or right into the dry wall, meaning it can be put anywhere to get the best look for your space.

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Unboxing Your Glass On-Wall Shelf

For the install, all of the hardware is clearly labeled and included in the box, along with a clear instruction manual to help you get your components up and out of the way in just a few minutes.  You will also need a level, a pencil, a hammer, and a drill for this project.

Now, let’s get to the install.

Step One: Determine Where Your Shelf Should Go

The first thing you want to do is find the approximate spot where you want to put the shelf, generally centered with the TV is best. If you TV is mounted on a dual stud mount, then there will not be a stud centered below your TV mount, which is why it is important to have a shelf that is approved for hanging with dry-wall anchors.

Pro Tip: When choosing your shelf, pay close attention to the weight capacity and the shelf dimensions. You want to be sure that the shelf you select is designed to hold the size and weight of your cable boxes and gaming consoles.

Place the mounting plate in your desired location and use a level to make sure it is straight. With a pencil, mark the three locations where you are going to be drilling your pilot holes.

Remove the mounting plate and drill in the pilot holes with a drill. Remember you are going to want the holes to be smaller than the anchors to get a secure fit.

Step Two: Install Your Wall Anchors

Take your anchor and place it in the hole. Hammer into the wall, but be careful not to hammer too hard and have your anchor sink into the drywall. Repeat this step in the two other pilot holes.

Step Three: Install Your Mounting Plate

Grab your mounting plate again and line it up with the anchors on the wall. Insert the screw and drill the plate into the wall.

Step Four: Attach Your Tempered Glass Shelf

Now that you have your wall plate secured on the wall, it is time to install the tempered glass shelf. There is an opening in the base of the wall plate to slide the glass shelf into. You will then want to secure the glass with an Allen wrench by screwing it in via the bottom of the wall plate. To make sure the shelf is secure, attach the provided safety plate to the bottom of the shelf.

Step Five: Adding Your Components and Hiding Cables

The last step is to add your component to the shelf.  Run your cables through the hole at the back of the mounting plate and down to the outlet. You can even add a cable or wire channel to conceal your cables all the way to the outlet. Then, snap in the cover plate for a nice, clean look.

Voila – now your TV and its components have a proper place on the wall.