There are few places where it is more important to consider how and where to put your TV than the bedroom. Even if your bedroom has a small seating area, you're more likely to be lounging in bed when you watch the TV — so the viewing angle is crucial.

Wall-mounting your bedroom TV makes the most sense, because it allows you the versatility to view in multiple areas of the room and from multiple positions in bed. But first, you need to pick the right wall, then pick the right height for your TV.

Consider Your Viewing Position

If your viewing angle is way off to one side, you’ll wind up contorting yourself into some unnatural position that will be more painful than relaxing. Cramped muscles and a stiff neck will steal your sleep and torment you the next day. On the other hand, you have to work with the bedroom you have. With the right bedroom TV mount, though, you can get pretty close to perfection when it comes to positioning that screen.

A tilting wall mount lets you place the TV higher than head-on viewing height, but angle the screen down to meet your natural viewing angle when lounging in bed. A tilting mount works best when your TV is directly across from the foot of your bed since the only adjusting you’’ do is to tilt it down.

A full-motion mount allows you to tilt and also swivel your TV to accommodate different viewing angles. This also makes it easy to watch when you’re moving around the room, getting dressed, or getting ready for bed. For instance, if you have an en suite, you are able to extend your TV out from the wall and adjust your screen to see it from the secondary location. And depending on the amount of extension a full-motion mount provides, you can bring your TV considerably closer to you when viewing, making a small TV screen appear much larger. When you’re done watching, you can return it to its original position flush to the wall.

An ideal location for mounting your TV in a bedroom is actually the corner. If you want to place a beautiful mirror, gallery wall, or piece of artwork directly above your dresser, you still have options of your TV!

Once you’ve planned your TV’s position to create the most comfortable viewing angle, there’s still another comfort challenge to consider. You won’t be able to relax if you’re sitting bolt upright in bed. If you don’t have an adjustable bed, a few plump pillows or, better yet, a firmer support pillow will hold you in the ideal position.

If Money Is No Object

Pop-up TVs that rise up at the foot of your bed are trending in certain circles. The TV and mechanized lifting device can be housed in the footboard, or the TV can even be tilted and lowered under the bed.

Refine Your Total Viewing Experience

It’s hard on the eyes to watch TV in total darkness. A not-too-bright bedside lamp will provide a nice glow without detracting from your relaxing ambiance. While the style of the lamp will depend on your preferences and the room design, consider using a lower wattage light bulb or a halogen light bulb that gives off a soft, white light, similar to natural daylight.

With the right viewing angle and some comfy accessories, the bedroom could become your favorite TV room in the house.