Who doesn’t love that extra room in your home where you can create a fun, yet functional space? Some call it a bonus room or family room, other names might be a rec room or even just a finished space in your basement. Whatever your name is for this extra room, the possibilities for it’s use are endless. It can become an office space, a kids play area, a fun room where you can entertain your friends, or all of the above. But whatever your bonus room ideas are, increase its functionality by adding a mounted TV to the space.

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Why Add a Mounted TV to Your Bonus Room?

Your bonus room is probably a multifunctional space that is used by both adults and children. If you have a TV in this space, you may want to mount it on the wall with a full-motion mount. Why? Because a mount looks sleek and contemporary. But it also increases the versatility and functionality of the viewing area so that everyone has the best seat in the house.

With a full-motion mount, you can extend your TV out from the wall and swivel it toward any seat in the room. If your bonus room has windows, this flexibility helps you avoid any TV glare. If you’re working out with a yoga video, tilt the TV down towards the floor and you’ll even be able to see the screen in your downward facing dog pose.

The Added Safety of a Mounted TV

According to CPSC, there were 11,800 incidents of children rushed to the ER in 2016 from injuries related to TV tip-overs. Mounting your TV reduces the risk of a TV tipover because it is securely attached to the wall. This is especially important if you have toddlers in your home as you want to be sure you have a safe, worry-free environment for them to play in.

If you are going to have a TV in your bonus room, make sure that you mount it on a full-motion mount so that you get the best view from any seat.