Have you ever accidentally knocked over your Amazon Echo? Time seems to move in slow motion as it tumbles over or even falls to the ground. If you have your Amazon Echo in high traffic or potentially hazardous place, like your kitchen, you are going to want to make sure that it is protected from possible damage from tip over or falling on the floor. Luckily, there are smart home solutions available to protect your valued technology.

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Introducing the SANUS bumper guards for your Amazon Echo. SANUS bumper guards are designed to be placed on the top and bottom of your Amazon echo reducing the risk of damage in the event it does tip over. The bottom bumper also expands the base of support for the Echo so it reduces tippy-ness by 25%.

Not only do the bumper guards protect your Amazon Echo, they also offer more versatility in placement. If you have space constraints and need to place your Amazon Echo horizontally, the bumper guards can keep it from rolling off the counter or shelf. It has an unobtrusive design so it protects while blending into a space...no need for a bulky or awkward stand.  With it's unique design, it does not inhibit the function of the speaker. 

Customize Colors to Fit Your Space

SANUS has taken into account both cable management and color options in the SANUS bumper guards. If you want your Amazon Echo to blend into the decor, you could go the traditional black route, or you could spice up your space with a little more color. Bumper guards come in black, white, kelly green, magenta, and blue.

Now you can protect AND accessorize your Amazon Echo!