Imagine having a fridge full of beer and wine at arm’s reach away from where your friends are congregating. The basement wet bar is an item that has been on home entertainers’ wish lists for, well, as long as basements have been around. But, more importantly, when planning or upgrading your basement bar, think about where the TV should go.

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A TV in your basement bar area is like the icing on the cake – it will give a sports bar feel to any basement.

The Perfect TV Angle from Anywhere in the Room

Instead of putting your TV on a piece of furniture, consider mounting it on the wall. For example, if you put the TV above the bar area in a recessed location, it’s higher up so that you have unobstructed views from anywhere in the room.

If you are entertaining, people will be up and about, playing pool, hanging out at the bar, or even socializing outside the sliders. Mounting your TV with a full-motion mount will allow you to manipulate that TV so that everyone will have a great view of the game. You can pull it out from the wall, swivel it left and right, ensuring the perfect view from every angle.

Upgrade the Bar Even More

Once your spouse sees what a great entertaining space the basement is becoming, he or she may give you further approval for even more upgrades. Here are some of our favorite dream bar must-haves:

  • Kegerator - why serve beer out of a can when you can offer your guest draft beer straight from the keg!
  • Soundbar - A soundbar, like the Sonos PLAYBAR,is a double win for the audio in your space. If you are watching a game, ensure no one will miss a play with great audio quality. Or use your TV to play background music for a more low-key, mingling night.
  • Custom coaster - An inexpensive addition to your bar and your guests will love them. Plus, no glass rings.