There has been a lot of buzz lately about wireless multi-room home audio, but many people aren’t quite sure what that means or what their options are. Ryan from SANUS explains the latest wireless whole home audio available.

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Wireless multi-room audio is a way to connect multiple speakers, like these Sonos speakers, so that they talk to each other, allowing you to stream music and audio wirelessly throughout your home. Place a speaker in the kitchen, bedroom, playroom or in any room throughout the house. You can then stream wirelessly to one speaker or to all of the speakers simultaneously.

Speakers that Save Space

One of the big benefits of wireless multi-room audio is that users are no longer bound by speaker wires coming from a stereo component. They can be placed anywhere without having to worry about wires.

The freedom of wireless speakers opens up many space-saving options and helps reduce clutter. You can easily mount speakers underneath cabinets or on the wall so they are up and out of the way. Or you can place them on speaker stands throughout your home where you don’t have a counter or table surface available.

A wireless multi-room home audio system has become one of the best ways to create a certain vibe or mood (surround sound anyone?) throughout your home based on each individuals music preferences.