It’s one thing to cobble together extra chairs and cushions to host the Big Game party, but creating a home theatre requires considerably more thought. You not only want maximum viewing enjoyment, you want the whole “movie experience.” That requires the right home theater seating. Happily, you’ll find a wide range of options to match your mood and your budget.

 Start by Asking Yourself a Few Key Questions

  • How much space do you have? Will your home theatre be only that, or will it do double-duty as, say, your living or TV room?
  • How many people do you want to seat?
  • Do you want to replicate a true movie theater ambiance? Or create a comfy media room where family and friends can lounge and view? 

Now You’re Ready to Consider Furniture

Going for the whole “cinema” thing? You’ll want rows of stadium-style seating. Go online or hit the local retro shop for vintage furniture, purchase traditional folding theater seats with velvet upholstery, or go high-tech-modern with electronically-controlled reclining seats. Place them in stepped tiers, so each row has a great view.

Planning more of a media room type space, or looking to morph your living room for movie night? Comfy sofas and armchairs or a sectional or wrap-around sofa can all be arrayed facing the TV screen. 

Mount Your Screen for Ideal Viewing

No home theatre seating will be comfortable if your guests have to wiggle around or crane their necks to watch the show. And they won’t have to, because there’s a SANUS wall mount just right for your home theatre configuration:

  • Full-motion mounts give you complete flexibility. The TV screen can remain flat against the wall, or you can tilt and/or swivel it to face the audience. Want to mount your screen in the corner, or use the room for more than movie watching? This is the perfect mount.
  • A tilt mount lets you place the screen higher and then tilt it downward for ideal viewing.

And if you want to wall-mount your theater’s electronic components and hide the cables, SANUS makes easy-to-install products for that, too. 

Don’t Forget the Ambiance Details

Velvet curtains that conceal your screen, wall décor or memorabilia representing your favorite movies or Hollywood stars, and cup and/or plate holders all make your home theater unique and intensify the viewing experience. Add a light dimmer, to create “the movie’s about to start” anticipation. 

If your budget allows, you could go hog wild and choose home theater seating that actually “rumbles” during intense action scenes. If that’s a little much, at least be sure you install the best possible surround sound system to give your audience maximum audio presence. 

And One More Thing . . .

What’s a movie without popcorn? Give yourself and your guests the full experience, with a home theater popcorn machine.