Let’s face it: Getting to the gym just isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’ve worked all day and the last thing you want to do is go to a packed gym where there’s always that one guy doing bicep curls in front of the mirror checking himself out – the only guy who should be doing that is Ron Burgundy. Not a fun place to be.

So why not make an at-home workout space? It’s a simple thing to do and it will save you that time, not to mention the money of a gym membership. There are just a few things you need to do in order to give yourself the home gym essentials to provide you a bicep-curling, weird guy-free workout.

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Feel Good Working Out

Working out makes us feel good, but you have to be comfortable in your space to get a good workout. Make your workout room a well lit, clutter free zone. It’s no fun stepping on your kids tonka truck as your trying to do lunges. Take it one more level and have your decor match your workout style. This could mean finding a room with wood floors if you’re going to be doing a lot of floor exercises or cardio. Also, do your lungs a favor and find a room with good ventilation. It’s no fun doing jumping jacks and seeing the dust fly around your musty old basement.

We Suggest a Floor Mirror

One thing that will keep you motivated will be having a few mirrors in the room. This allows you to check your form and keep you pushing through that last set. A floor mirror works great for this situation, especially when stretching or doing yoga. Just promise us, no bicep curls with your shirt off! Well, hey it’s your house you can do whatever you want!

Keep It Multi-Functional

You don’t have to have a room where you only do your workouts. Keep it multi-functional by having racks for your weights, cabinets for your yoga mats, etc. Keep it nice and tidy. Proven fact, psychological studies show if you have a clean space you will be more likely to workout in that area. Ok, fact checkers, I lied there’s no science behind that but it kind of makes sense doesn’t it?  Keep things neat and it will not only let it serve purpose for other things in the room, but it will make you more motivated to work out.

Wall Mount For Your Television

When you want to watch a workout video or just watch television while you’re on the treadmill, check out a SANUS wall mount that allows you to watch television in all areas of the room. Having the ability to rotate your TV to any direction in the room or tilting it down to watch while you’re on the ground is a game changer. With all of the workouts available for streaming, including a TV in your workout space is a non-brainer. It's also easier then ever to conceal your streaming equipment on the back of your TV.  Mounting your TV in a workout room is convenient way to ensure that you get a great workout in...so no more excuses! 

Well there you go, you’re just a few short steps away from avoiding the crazy, overused gym and giving yourself the home gym essentials to live a happy and healthy life. We’re interested in seeing what kind of workout rooms you create so when you’ve made yours, post it on social media with the hashtag, #SANUSspaces. Make your gym commute just a few steps away and continue to enjoy your very busy, but happy lifestyle.