Now that your big beautiful TV is up on the wall, everyone in the room is able to enjoy a great viewing experience. But what do you do with those ugly cords that are now hanging down below the TV? Don’t worry. Even if you don’t self-identify as a handy individual, you can hide those cables in an easy and quick way – no cutting into the wall required.

Watch the video below as Jake walks you through installing on-wall cable management to hide your cords.

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Attaching Your TV Cables 

After mounting your TV and before attaching your on-wall cable management,you are going to want to hook up the cables to your TV. This way, you will know exactly where you will need to place the cable tunnel to have the cables completely concealed from behind the TV down to the outlets. This is especially important for full-motion mounts where you will want to have enough slack in the cables to pull the TV away from the wall and push it back without putting strain on them.

Steps for Installing On-wall Cable Management

On-wall cable management is a quick project that can be done in as little as ten minutes and can hold up to eight cords. Just like our TV mount, there are three easy steps to the process.

  1. Out of the box, the cable tunnel is 49” in length. Measure the distance from the back of your TV to the floor or outlet and cut the tunnel with scissors to the appropriate length.
  2. Slide the 3m clips into the track on the back of the tunnel spacing them evenly.
  3. Take adhesive off and attach to the wall guiding you wires through the tunnel in the process.

Pro-Tip: Paint your tunnel the same color as the wall so your cables virtually disappear. We recommend doing this before attaching it to the wall and allowing a few hours for the paint to dry. Make sure that you pre-cut your tunnel so that you don’t have to paint more than you need to.