Have you heard about the latest smart assistant? Sonos is now joining the ranks with the Sonos One™ Speaker, their first smart speaker with built-in support for multiple voice services (think Alexa, Google Home, and content from more than 80 streaming services … so exciting). In addition to the rich, high-quality audio and music capabilities, Sonos and their speakers are becoming smarter and smarter to make your life easier.

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Now, you will not only get the same audio experience as the Sonos PLAY:1™ (in fact, it looks the same), but you will also have voice recognition to further simplify your audio experience! It also pairs seamlessly with your other Sonos speakers, which means that you can use the voice-control features throughout your entire home sound system.

Your (Smarter) Surround Sound Solution

Like other Sonos wireless speakers, you can still place the Sonos One™ speaker anywhere you want in your room layout using the SANUS WSS22 speaker stand or swivel and tilt wall mounts. These wireless speaker solutions are actually the perfect way to save space and reduce clutter – we all need more of that in our lives!

The wireless capabilities allow you to keep the speakers hidden out of the way for that ambient noise, or you can move them to create a 5:1 surround sound system where they become the centerpiece for your home audio and entertainment experience. For the surround sound setup, the Sono One™ speakers would function as the rear speakers to work with a Sonos PLAYBASE™ or PLAYBAR™ speaker, which make up three of the channels sending audio right, center, and left from the front of the room. Your music and television audio never sounded so good.

With the smart home you are creating, you may never want to leave your house again!