When you're sitting on your couch, your eye level is right around 42 inches off the floor. So, naturally, that is the ideal height for your television in order to have the best view. But, let’s face it — you don’t always watch TV sitting perfectly on the couch.

Sometimes you are laying down or if you have kids, you might be sitting on the floor playing with them. Or maybe your room is not conducive to placing a TV at that ideal height. The only spot may be above the fireplace, or, if you are in your bedroom, above a high dresser.

If you are thinking about mounting your television anywhere above a seated eye level, the tilting tv wall mount is the ideal mount for your application. It allows you to tilt the TV down to the optimal viewing angle, while also minimizing any glare or reflections in the room.

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Consider How You Use Your TV

An important part of finding the right TV mount is thinking about how you use your television on a daily basis. If you use your TV for workout programs and are down on the floor doing yoga or high-intensity interval training, it may help your viewing angle to tilt that TV down towards the floor.

Or if you have little ones who want to enjoy the latest Paw Patrol while playing with their legos, the tilt mount will prove vitally important.

Get Easy Access to Your Components

A tilting TV wall mount will generally get your TV closer to the wall than a full-motion mount. But, it still gives you easy access to your component plug-ins. The best part is that there are no tools required to tilt your TV up and down.

Tuck Your Streaming Device Out of the Way

So much of how we watch TV these days is what we are able to stream to our Roku or Apple TV devices. But when you mount a TV on the wall, you want everything around it to look as streamlined and clean as your newly mounted TV. Some TVs have streaming features built right in, but if you are using a device, you are still able to tuck it out of the way right behind your tilting TV mount with a streaming device panel.