Do you have an Amazon Echo Dot and are struggling to find a really good place to keep it accessible but also out of the way? After all, you don’t need one more thing taking up space on your counter or the rat’s nest of cables additional appliances create. Fortunately, we have created a speaker mount designed exclusively for the Dot that allows you to put it anywhere, even right next to an outlet – how convenient!

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No Tools Required

The SANUS Speaker Mount Designed for the Amazon Echo Dot allows you to attach the Dot using just an included 3M command strip. Which means that you can easily mount it to any surface without using tools, so put away that tool belt! It has press fit technology to ensure that your dot is mounted with a secure fit, even when placed upside down. Basically in 2 minutes you can de-clutter your table or countertop.

The mount comes in white or black to match any décor, it's made in the USA, and is designed to not interfere with the microphone or any of it’s speakers so you still get the perfect audio quality.

What are you waiting for? Start saving space in every room of your home today!