A garage TV may be the ultimate accessory for creating a man cave garage. We’re not talking about converting your garage into a manly den here. You need that garage! But for many guys, it’s also your man cave — it’s where you head to do woodwork, to work on your cars and motorcycles, and to accomplish your assigned “honey-dos.”

Every Man Cave Needs a TV

You want all the necessities at hand when you’re working in your garage. You have hand tools, your power tools, workbenches, etc. Maybe you have a radio so you can rock out or listen to the ball game while you’re working. But where’s the TV?

Just because you have a project to finish shouldn’t mean you miss the Play of the Week. Or that three-pointer at the buzzer that clinches the title. If your man cave was in some other part of the house, of course you’d have a TV. It might even be the main attraction. So if the garage is your thing, then you need a TV in the garage.

Look at it this way — you probably already have a TV in the kitchen, for when family members are working or hanging around in there, right?

Where to Put Your Garage TV

A working garage may be more utilitarian than inside your house, but TV placement still matters. You could set a flatscreen on your workbench. But that’s not a great idea, either for safety or working convenience. If you choose a flat surface, a swivel mount will add stability and make it easier to see the TV from wherever you’re working.

If you don’t want to take up valuable surface space, then the best plan is to mount your TV on the wall. With SANUS tilting or full-motion mounts, you can position the TV so it’s protected from normal garage activities but still offers great viewing from multiple locations. SANUS TV mounts are easy to install, so you can get that TV up and ready to watch without taking much time away from other projects.

Consider Your Garage Environment

Electronic gear is vulnerable to extreme heat and cold, humidity and other forms of moisture. If your garage is entirely insulated and finished, its indoor environment may be about the same as the rest of your home. But if the garage is not finished, you need to take some precautions for your TV:

  • Install a fan to cool it during hot weather
  • Make sure there are no roof leaks that might drip on it
  • You’ll have to bring it into the house if temperatures dip below freezing

Every Man Cave Needs a Vibe

It may be a work space (and an actual garage for your vehicles), but you can still outfit it in man cave style, with pit mats, sports memorabilia, garage cabinets and neon signs. If you can carve out space, add man cave furniture such as a sofa or chairs. That way you can really relax when you want to take a break, or just hang out in your garage man cave.