When deciding how to layout the furniture in a room, you may frequently ask yourself “How far away from my TV should I sit to get the best viewing experience?” You are not alone! We commonly get asked about the optimal TV viewing distance. Luckily, there are some general tips you can take to ensure you have the best TV viewing experience possible.

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Screen Size

When considering seating distance from your screen, we recommend twice the size of your screen as a comfortable viewing distance. For example, if your TV is 60”, double that screen size to 120” to figure out where to place your furniture. Use your tape measure to measure your distance of 10 feet and, as simple as that, you have the perfect TV viewing distance!


When it comes to resolution, today’s 4k TVs actually allows you to sit closer to the TV. So if your 60” TV is 4k, you are able to sit as closely as 5 feet away. A 4k TV is a great option if you are placing a TV in a smaller room or have limitations for how far away the couch is able to be from the TV.

TV viewing distance