8.2' Super Slim Flexible HDMI Cable

ELM4308 Abandonné

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8.2' Super Slim Flexible HDMI Cable

ELM4308 Abandonné

This product has been discontinued.

The SANUS ELM4308 8.2' Super Slim HDMI cable was specially designed for connections in tight spaces. It features a connector that is 40% shorter than standard HDMI cables and an ultra-flexible design that enables mounted ultra-thin TVs to sit almost flush. The cable is 3D-compatible and offers high-speed Internet connectivity - no need for a separate Ethernet cable. The ELM4308 supports 10, 12 and 16-bit color depths and handles video resolution 1080p and beyond. With the ability to support audio return channel, the super slim cable also allows TVs to return audio to an AV receiver or other audio controllers.

Product Features

  1. Supports 1080p video resolution and beyond
  2. Short connector head
  3. No need for a separate Ethernet cable - includes internet connection
  4. Bend cable for easy connection
  5. Eliminate the need for a separate audio connection
  6. Enjoy bright, vibrant colors
  7. Works with 3D TVs and components

Take A Look At These Specs

Product Brand: SANUS
Model Code: ELM4308
UPC Code: 793795523891 - Noir - Abandonné
Product Weight: 0.25lbs / 0.11kg
Length: 98.40" / 249.94cm

Supported VESA Patterns


  • Electronic House Product of the Year Award 2012
  • Custom Retailer Exc!te Award 2011
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