Temperature Gauge SANUS EcoSystem™ accessory

CATG01 製造中止

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Temperature Gauge SANUS EcoSystem™ accessory

CATG01 製造中止

This product has been discontinued.

SANUS Component Series CATG01 temperature gauge easily connects to the CAPT01 MultiVolt Power Supply to help create the SANUS EcoSystem™ - a fully customizable accessory that serves as the single power source for all low-voltage equipment in an AV rack. This component features an easy-to-read digital temperature readout to ensure your AV rack is always at the most optimal temperature. Includes power wire to connect to the CAPT01.

Product Features

  1. Easy-to-read readout
  2. Hardware included
  3. Includes power cable

Take A Look At These Specs

Product Brand: SANUS
製品型番: CATG01
JAN コード: 793795524195 - ブラック - 製造中止
商品の幅 19.00" / 48.26cm
Product Weight: 0.95lbs / 0.43kg
Package Width: 20.47" / 51.99cm
Package Height: 2.36" / 5.99cm
Package Depth: 3.27" / 8.31cm

Supported VESA Patterns

Tools You Will Need For Installation

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
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