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Step 1 Select TV Brand

Enter your model number?


What is the brand of your TV?


Select a brand from the drop down

Step 2 Select TV Size

What is the size of your TV screen?

Select a size from the drop down.

Step 3 TV Model Numbers

Select your TV model number

Illustration showing back of a tv with a zoomed in cut out of where the model number could be on most TVs.
The model number is usually located on the back of the TV. Position may vary per brand.

Select a model from the drop down.


Don't know your model number or can't find it in our list? That's ok. Click to continue on without one.

Your results may not be entirely accurate without a model number.

Step 4 Select Mount

Please select your wall mount

Step 5 Mounting Holes

Select your mounting pattern

On most TVs, the mounting holes are centered, as shown below.


On certain TVs, the mounting holes are closer to the top or bottom, and not centered.

Enter the distance from the top edge of your TV to the top mounting holes and select the unit used.


Step 6 Ideal Placement

Now, let's talk about how high to mount your TV.

How high off the floor do you want your TV?

The ideal TV height is centered at eye level, which averages 42" when seated.

Do you watch TV while standing? Or from the floor? Does the design of your room require a different height?

There are many reasons why TVs end-up mounted at various heights. If 42" isn't right for your situation, you can enter any desired height in the field above.

NOTE: This industry guideline is lower than you may expect, but is recommended for the best quality and most comfortable view.

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