EcoSystem Rack with surge protectors and plug ins filling the a rack drawer

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Organize and increase efficiency with the SANUS EcoSystem™

EcoSystem Rack before adding EcoSystem accessories

What is the EcoSystem™?

The new SANUS EcoSystem™ is a fully customizable accessory that serves as the single power source for all low-voltage equipment in a rack. Start with the MultiVolt Power Supply. This component features switchable outlets, 5-volt USB ports and 12 outlets. A thermostat kit is also included. Then, add accessories to build a system that meets your exact needs. Available accessories include LED lighting, fans, temperature gauge and additional cables.

Check out all of the devices that are compatible with your EcoSystem™ Low-Voltage Power Supply!

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SANUS EcoSystem™ wins the 2013 Electronic House Product of the Year!

“…the single power source for all low-voltage equipment in a rack.”

EcoSystem Rack after adding EcoSystem accessories

Power Supply

EcoSystem power supply front panel
EcoSystem power supply light switches

Light Switches

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EcoSystem power supply available power adapters

Additional Power

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EcoSystem power supply back panel
EcoSystem power supply USB ports

5V USB Power

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EcoSystem 12v power supply light ports

12V Lights

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EcoSystem power supply temp gauge

Temp Gauge

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Multiple Fans (CAFQ01, CAFC01, CAFH01)

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EcoSystem power supply thermostat


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  4. Multiple Fans
  5. Thermostat Learn More
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